Depression Treatment

Do You Feel Down, Depressed, Sad, Or Irritable?

Depression-Treatment-CalgaryHave you noticed a loss of interest or pleasure in activities you previously enjoyed? Do you find that you prefer being alone rather than facing the obligations that may come with daily tasks and responsibilities? Do you feel stuck or unsure why you feel the way that you do now? Are depression symptoms like exhaustion, lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating, and feelings of guilt beginning to or already interfering with work, relationships, or school?

You may struggle to get out of bed in the morning and keep up with daily responsibilities and obligations.
Perhaps you push yourself to go in to work, but find it difficult to stay focused or motivated to complete tasks. You might notice that your productivity and quality of work has declined and fear the impact it could have on your career. Or you may experience feelings of guilt or shame as you withdraw from activities you used to enjoy and become increasingly isolated. Do you have family and friends who tell you that you just need to “pull up your socks”, but you continue to feel stuck despite your best efforts? Do you wish you could live life without feeling so down, depressed, sad, or irritable? If so, effective depression treatment can help you escape the vicious cycle of depression.

Many Individuals Struggle To Find Effective Depression Treatment

Individuals from every age, social, economic, occupational, cultural and religious group can become depressed. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that depression is currently the fourth most common disability worldwide. At any given time almost three million Canadians are suffering from serious depression, but less than one-third seek help for their condition. * Studies show that, in addition to personal and relationship challenges, depression can often have a detrimental effect on an individual’s professional career and finances. However, because depression can be caused by various factors and symptoms tend to manifest along a wide-spectrum, depression can go misdiagnosed and untreated up to 60 percent of the time, as per the Mood Disorders Society of Canada. In addition, 54 percent of people believe depression is a personal weakness, creating a stigma that prevents many individuals from seeking help. Without professional support, 50 to 60 percent of individuals who experience a single episode of a major depressive disorder will suffer a second episode within a single year. *

But there is hope! While depression is one of the most common mental health issues, it is also possible to overcome it. Depression treatment at InnerPath Psychology in Hantsport can help you understand how depression impacts your life, learn how to cope with its symptoms and feel hopeful again.

Depression Treatment Can Help You Manage Symptoms And Feel Hopeful

Depression-Treatment-Calgary-Alberta“It is a profoundly painful, distressing disorder that rarely can be overcome without external help. No amount of ‘pulling up your sock’, true grit and determination, positive self-talk, love and support will lift the dark veil of depression. It is an illness and it needs treatment.”
Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Depression is a debilitating mental health concern that deserves professional intervention. But, because of the stigma surrounding depression treatment – as well as the exhausting physical symptoms you may be experiencing – it can be difficult to overcome without the help of an experienced, professional therapist. As a psychologist specializing in depression treatment, I understand the challenges you are facing and the steps you can take to fight back against depression. With compassionate guidance and a strategic approach tailored to your needs, you can learn to cope with symptoms, manage difficult emotions, and begin feeling happy again.

In initial sessions, you and I will work collaboratively to determine what is causing depression and identify your symptoms. When we understand why you are struggling, we can develop the best approach to help you manage physical symptoms and unhelpful thoughts and emotions. By working together and using clinically supported methods for treating depression, you can learn how to recognize, and cope with depression related symptoms and reach your depression treatment goals.

There are many causes to depression – including difficult past events, or current situational stressors – and the specific methods I utilize will depend on your situation and your goals of treatment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most common approaches to depression treatment. This approach can help you gradually increase activity in your life, overcome feelings of isolation and break free from patterns of negative thinking and behaving. In some cases we may wish to explore distressing or overwhelming past experiences that are contributing to your current depression using EMDR Therapy. Additionally, we can establish a relapse prevention plan as an important step to reduce and/or prevent a reoccurrence of depression symptoms in the future.

I have been helping clients learn to understand and manage depression for over ten years. I have seen that when you are ready, and with the right therapist and approach, overcoming depression is possible. With effective depression treatment at InnerPath Psychology, you can learn how to reduce challenging symptoms, increase your motivation and energy, engage in life, feel happier and more hopeful.

But you may still have questions or concerns about depression treatment…

It’s too painful to talk about the challenges I’m facing.

About two-thirds of individuals suffering from depression avoid seeking treatment because of the pain or shame they feel surrounding their challenges. That being said, you are in control of what you bring to therapy, and we will address painful or difficult subjects at a time and in a manner that feels safe and appropriate for you.

I’ll feel better if I just give it enough time.

While it may be true that you are simply dealing with a case of the blues or going through a difficult period, it is important to remember that depression often becomes more severe when it is left untreated. The longer you wait to seek help, the more likely you are to experience distressing or painful symptoms, and the more areas of your life can be negatively affected.

I don’t want to take medication as part of my depression treatment.

In many cases, studies have shown that therapy is as effective at treating depression – if not more so – than medication. And, as a psychologist, I do not prescribe medication. However at InnerPath Psychology I provide depression treatment that allows you to address the factors contributing to depression rather than simply alleviating symptoms.

You Can Enjoy Life Again

If you are ready to address your depression symptoms and feel happier again, or if you have additional questions about depression treatment, contact me at my office in Hantsport at 902-719-6939.

* Mood Disorders Society of Canada